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Photo of Real Estate in Sea Cliff San Francisco

Real Estate in Sea Cliff San Francisco

Located along northwest coastline of San Francisco, the Sea Cliff neighborhood offers stunning views of the Pacific and the Golden Gate Bridge. This very affluent neighborhood has much to offer with China and Baker Beach being popular destinations. Sea Cliff offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. For avid cyclers, nearby Lake Street is very popular. In addition, Lincoln Park, home of one of the best golf courses in the area, is a major attraction as well. While there are no retail or nightlife destinations within Sea Cliff, these can all be enjoyed with a quick drive over to California Street district. This scenic neighborhood offers high end luxury housing with large, spacious houses that are sure to satisfy anyone looking to live in this quaint neighborhood.


Nestled into a quiet corner of San Francisco, the neighborhood of Sea Cliff is filled with expansive, varied houses that lead into shopping areas, graceful forests, and private beaches. Popular with celebrities of all sorts, it also has a large following of nature lovers who explore the various trails and hiking areas the place has to offer. In addition, the sightseeing one can do that isn't in the forests is delightful – from old gun batteries to shopping to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The homes in the area have an air of grace about them, ranging from smaller, 2-bed/2-bath condos over on 26th Avenue to the massive 6-bed/4.5 bath abode on Sea Cliff Avenue itself – and everything in between. We can go from “basic” architecture where the outside is well-made and costly-but-plain and the entirety of the glamor is inside all the way to the neo-Victorian or neo-Gregorian and Spanish-influenced styles, where the inside is a match to the highly stylized exteriors. In essence, in this posh and affluent neighborhood, there is something for everyone when it comes to home varieties.

When you are choosing your home and your neighborhood, you want to pay attention to more things than just housing – local amenities and services, food, recreation, shopping, and social structure are important as well. The most common feature mentioned on a first read is the access to nature. You can access the Presidio quickly, or go on a hike all the way out to Lands End where you can take the contemplative journey of the Hidden Labyrinth. There's also China Beach, a tiny private slice of quiet beachfront, where you can fish, swim, or simply watch the sun set and the cars cross the bridge. If you're into biking, then the bike lanes leading all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County will be a gateway into the rest of the area.

A small downside frequently brought up is the lack of both restaurants and grocery stores, requiring one to go out of the immediate area in order to have a night on the town. A few mentions have been made that this can cause issues with teenagers having parties at their homes instead of elsewhere, but the structure of the area is such that the noise shouldn't normally be a problem. Granted, some of the homes have what's called an “entrance for caterer,” so that gives a good idea of how the “no food shopping in the neighborhood” is dealt with. This is also reflected in the fact that many of the reviews discuss having dinner parties and other social food gatherings.

Aside from all the beautiful nature locations, for recreation there is a single park in the area that has play equipment for smaller children and tennis and basketball courts for visitors who would rather basketball or tennis than play on the swings. There are also the acres and acres of lush, rolling green lawns across the neighborhood, yards full of open play space or for other pursuits such as bocce, croquet, or darts. If you're interested in golf, Sea Cliff is relatively close to both the Presidio and Lincoln Park courses. Lastly, there is both Baker Beach and the previously mentioned China Beach, offering access to sand, sea, and sun to any interested visitor.

The Sea Cliff neighborhood is made up of a mix of people, from celebrities like Robin Williams, Sharon Stone, Cheech Marin, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica to couples enjoying the good life all the way down to families with smaller children. Reviews say that the place is one where many new residents move in with the specific intent of “putting down roots,” to establish themselves in an area where there are good schools and good neighbors. Some have likened it to the proverbial place where “everyone knows everyone,” and you could certainly see that happening, as in some areas the houses are very close to each other, lending a closeness you don't often see in different, roomier neighborhoods.

The Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco, is well-liked and well-respected, and while it has its share of fame (Ansel Adams grew up in Sea Cliff, for example) it's also a place where one can go to raise a family among friendly neighborhood residents. You can also go from bustling urban buzz closer to the city center through the Presidio all the way to the windswept loneliness of Lands End. Each of these extremes shows the range of the neighborhood.