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Photo of Real Estate in Presidio Heights San Francisco

Real Estate in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco

Edwardian architecture is the main style for the elegant houses located in the Presidio Heights neighborhood. Presidio Heights includes all the luxury of nearby Pacific Heights with a more family friendly atmosphere. Large single family homes and condos make this primarily residential area. To the north lies the picturesque Presidio of San Francisco which offers numerous outdoor recreational activities. Julius Kahn Playground is also a very popular recreational area. For those looking to do some shopping, Laurel Village on California Street is the place to go. Shopping, dining, entertainment of all kinds, or just a nice cup of coffee can all be found along here.


Bordering right on the Presidio forest, a place that has been called “enchanted” by more than a few people, is the neighborhood of Presidio Heights itself. Quiet, peaceful, very green, and very rich, the Heights are a very affluent section of town and show it in very simple yet tasteful décor. Surrounded by forests, golf courses, and shopping, this is one area of the city where money meets space.

When looking at style and structure here, we start with the basics: space. Unlike some cities, where your home's worth is measured in how wide it sprawls or how much land it's on, houses here mostly grow upwards. Some of the classic “San Francisco” houses like you see on TV are from Presidio Heights, with the garage the lowest floor and stretching up another three or four stories on top of that. One of the larger places in the area in general can be found at 3300 Washington. Listed for nearly seven and a half million dollars, the home has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and is on an “extra wide” slot of land. Granted, in this case “extra wide” equals about eighty feet, which is something to keep in mind.

The general building theme for the area is of an Edwardian style, though you can certainly see examples of others. In fact, some of what's available is the kind of home you'd see on older 80s shows, the brownstones and very close-in buildings with little yardage. However, given that the area is extremely affluent in a very quiet way, it's got a different feel than one would expect in other neighborhoods. Because many of these homes come with yards and lawns, it shows off the most valuable asset in a crowded, urban city: space. The height of luxury for a city dweller, hidden backyards and side areas allow a quiet, peaceful seclusion for the rest of the world.

There is a lot of variety in terms of what you'll find when you explore the area. There are a number of playgrounds and parks for children scattered across the neighborhood, with some extremely nice climbing and play structures to be found. That, and the sedate levels of travel through the area combine to make this a fairly decent place to have a family, although you are going to want to keep that in mind when you purchase or lease housing – some of the places are very much not child-friendly, although there are plenty that are.

In addition to play areas, there are a number of other sights to see. Taking its name from the Presidio itself, the large, untamed forest with many different views, there's unrivaled access to nature and solitude. Whether you'd rather go for a hike up to Inspiration Point or have a picnic next to the El Polin Spring, the wild welcomes you with open arms. The forest stretches its arms out to the neighborhood, with avenues of trees and other wildlife marching up the steep streets of the area. Some of the homes and streets overlook not just the neighborhood and parks, but the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge as well. Inspiring scenery invites one to not just buy a home, but to start a life.

If you tire of nature, not to worry! That's not the only game in town. There's golf, shopping, sightseeing, and more. The area boasts upscale boutiques over on Fillmore Street, as well as cafes and restaurants that have something for everyone. If you prefer, instead of spending money on yourself, you can settle in at a sidewalk eatery and people-watch instead. Because of the tourism in this popular area, there's a large number of unique visitors every day. You can also find quiet stores which will help you find exactly the right candle for your quiet, end-of-day bath.

As a whole, Presidio Heights is rich and well-off. It shows. However, there's far more to do in the area than simply owning a house, from nature hikes to visiting Fort Point to shopping to eating. Finding the right place can be hard, but not impossible, and it's entirely likely you can find your own little slice of heaven with a tiny, quiet, green space behind.