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Photo of Real Estate in Lower Pacific Heights San Francisco

Real Estate in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco

Lower Pacific Heights has the same high end nature of Pacific Heights with more relaxed, homelier atmosphere. Shopping is plentiful along Fillmore and Steiner. There is a Japantown, the largest of its kind in the country and features everything Japanese such as the Japan Center Mall for all your exotic Japanese needs. Popular theater and music venues such as Boom Boom Room and Fillmore Theater draw many enthusiasts. For cinema lovers, the Sundance Kabuki Cinema is a large independent theater that hosts numerous film festivals. Like Pacific Heights to the north, Victorian houses are the norm here as well as some condos. This unique and very diverse community is sure to please anyone looking for a taste of upscale living in northern San Francisco.


Lower Pacific Heights is an elegant neighborhood with many things to offer for potential home buyers and sellers. The neighborhood has a classy and suburban feel, and is perfect for anyone looking to go to a quieter part of San Francisco. The neighborhood is located between Pacific Heights, Laurel Heights, the Fillmore District, and Japantown.

The neighborhood is very regal, and features architecture that is jaw-dropping to many. The area is very prim and proper, with plenty of old-world elegance. There are many mansions in this area as well as old money. The area is luxurious and expensive, and is perfect for anyone wanting to live in a quieter luxurious area of San Francisco.

The home values here are generally relatively expensive. Most of the homes here are older but are still in good overall condition. The average home values here have been increasing over the past few years. The average home value is currently around $900,000. Just one year ago, the average home value was around $850,000. So if you have owned a home in Lower Pacific Heights for some time, chances are you will be able to make some decent money on selling your home.

If you are looking to buy a home in this area, then even though homes are more expensive than they were a year ago the home values are likely to keep going up for some time. Plus, the neighborhood is amazing, and if you want to live here, then the change in price shouldn't keep you away. No matter what you are looking for, Lower Pacific Heights has many options available. If you are looking for a larger home like a mansion there are no shortage of them in the area. There are also smaller more suburban family homes.


The area is generally very quite with the occasional tourist. Many people come to look at the grand mansions that surround the area. The people in the area are generally courteous and considerate of their neighbors. This is generally true of richer neighborhoods.

There is much to do in this area. There are many designer boutiques along Fillmore Street for people with a refined taste in clothing and accessories. There are also places to tend to other needs you may have, such as nail salons, or places to get your hair tended to. Obviously there are plenty of other places to tend to anything you may need.

There are also many restaurants here to choose from. Some of the restaurants here are absolutely amazing and are just about five-star quality. So if you enjoy trying and eating at expensive and high quality restaurants, you will find ones to choose from here. There are also restaurants that feature food from many countries. There are nicer restaurants specializing in food from all around the globe- such as Vietnamese, French, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Peruvian cuisine. There is also a wine bar in the area. If you enjoy more of a smaller place, there are many boutique restaurants all specializing in something else.

There are also parks where you can walk around looking at scenery, or enjoy sports. There are tennis courts, as well as places to walk dogs and some fields to participate in the recreational activities you enjoy. If you don't or aren't looking to own a car, there is transportation available in the area. Public transit is offered and is easy to access, and having a car is definitely possible in Lower Pacific Heights.

If you are looking for somewhere to experience the night life and fast-pace aspect of San Francisco, Lower Pacific Heights likely isn't the ideal place for you to live. There are plenty of surrounding neighborhoods where you will be able to experience this side of the city. Such as Cow Hollow.

The atmosphere here is quite, and serene. It is the ideal place to live for people looking to indulge in fancy suburban solace. With the grand architecture and designer boutiques all along Fillmore Avenue, it's the perfect place to live for someone who enjoys walking around and enjoying the area. So if you are interested in the neighborhood of Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, let us know.