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Real Estate in Lake Street San Francisco

Lake Street is the ideal neighborhood for those seeking a peaceful, scenic retreat from the bustling city life of San Francisco without actually leaving the city. The sprawling Presidio of San Francisco offers endless outdoor recreational opportunities. Numerous parks within Lake Street provide recreational opportunities a little closer to home. Also, the Presidio basketball and tennis courts are a very popular destination for younger folk. Nearby Richmond Playgrounds are also popular for small children making Lake Street a perfect place for families to settle and enjoy a quiet, outdoorsy lifestyle. Like most houses in San Francisco, Lake Street features a smattering of Victorian and Edwardian single-family homes and condos that are perfect for families


There are places in San Francisco that are simply ideal for those who love city living, but want to have that outdoor life accessible to them.  In the Lake Street District of San Francisco, you can find a quiet family oriented community on the edge of beautiful Mountain Lake Park, while still leaving the rest of the city easily accessible. 

The Lake Street neighborhood encompasses the region stretching from 27th Ave to Arguello Boulevard, lined with beautiful condos in an array of architectural styles, with Victorian and Edwardian styles dominating the vista.  Adding to this diversity of beauty, you also have access to the Presidio, which is just one of the park options available in this beautiful open neighborhood.

Mountain Lake Park provides many opportunities for the outdoor urbanite, with tennis courts, a running trail, and the beautiful azure lake itself!  As if that wasn't enough, it's the perfect place for the active dog owner to come and mingle with their fellow pet lovers in the beauty of the park.  There's little as enjoyable as a day out at the park on a sunny day, alternately resting in the shade of a tree, or playing in the water of the lake.

Families may find themselves particularly interested in both Richmond and Rochambeau (Which means rock-paper-scissors for those who don't speak French) Playgrounds, both of which are popular among basketball players and young children.  Both these parks are pleasant and open, both containing some of the quirkiness one might expect with a cute name like Rochambeau.
It is not uncommon at all to see bicyclists traversing Lake Street in the bike lanes, whether just enjoying the neighborhood or peddling out over the bridge to the Marin County hillside.  The natural beauty of the area and it's prevalent nearby activities make this part of the city perfect for the sun loving Californian!

To those of us who are more inclined to get outside and be active if we have somewhere other than a part to be, there's the Clement Street business district just around the corner.  With it's rich array of restaurants and kitchy little book stores like “Green Apple Books”, there's a little bit of everything for the person who calls Lake Street home.

For those looking to invest in a home whose value will only rise, now is a great time to pick up a place in Lake Street.  Market values have been increasing in the last few years after facing a slump in 2010, but now the property values here have been steadily on the rise!  There hasn't been a better time in years to invest in a new piece of property on this strip, and that situation is only improving!
The Lake Street district is a beautiful, bucolic neighborhood in the middle of a gleaming jewel of the west coast.  Everything from the richest in restaurants to the finest in theater, to the simpler pleasures of a day at the park are all within reach here.  Add that to the beautiful architecture and history it encompasses, and the overall safety of this neighborhood, and there's few better places in San Francisco to call home.


So whether you're looking for a new condo with a beautiful view, or a family home with some real history and an iconic look, Lake Street is the place for you.  Bring your whole family, including your children and pets, and enjoy this peaceful neighborhood right on the edge of the City by the Bay.