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Real Estate In The Alamo Square Neighborhood Of San Francisco

Alamo Square is home to the famous six Victorian houses known as the Painted Ladies. These iconic homes have earned the street the moniker Postcard Row for the numerous images and media that they appear in. However, Alamo Square has a lot to offer beyond Postcard Row. Centrally located in Alamo Square is Alamo Square Park which sits on a hill and offers an encompassing view of San Francisco. On clear days one can see the Golden Gate Bridge and much of San Francisco Bay. Like the Painted Ladies show, some of San Francisco's finest Victorian architecture is on display here making Alamo Square one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in.

Alamo Square is a residential neighborhood and park in San Francisco, California in the Western Addition. (A district of the city's fifth Supervisorial district,that is served by several Muni Bus Lines including the 5, 21, 22, and 24. Alamo Square Park consists of four city blocks at the top of a hill overlooking much of San Francisco, with a number of large and architecturally distinctive mansions along the outside perimeter. It is bordered by Hayes Street to the south, Fulton Street to the north, Scott Street to the west, and Steiner Street to the east.

The Alamo Square area contains the second largest concentration of homes over 10,000 square feet (930 m2) in San Francisco, after the Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Aerial Photo

On a clear day, the Transamerica Pyramid building and the tops of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge can be seen from Alamo Square Park center. The San Francisco City Hall can be seen directly down Fulton Street.

Alamo Square facing south

The Victorian houses facing the park on Steiner Street, known as the "Painted Ladies", are often shown in the foreground of panoramic pictures of the city's downtown area where a number of movies, television shows and commercials have been filmed in or around Alamo Square.

The demographics of the neighborhood are characteristic of other urban neighborhoods that have undergone gentrification: many young people and upper-middle-class homeowners, in addition to a diverse older population. Divisadero Street, which divides Alamo Square from North Panhandle, is home to a number of small businesses including a growing collection of hip and popular restaurants and bars. Efforts on the part of Alamo Square and North Panhandle residents and merchants have led to restrictions on chain stores on the corridor.


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Brother-In-Laws Barbeque
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1800 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 94115 (Map)
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Reggae Runnins Village Store
505 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA 94117 (Map)
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Small Patatoes Catering
35 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Map)
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Alamo Square Seafood Grill
803 fillmore st. san francisco CA 94117