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San Francisco remains one of the strongest real estate market in the state. And getting a great value for your home when you are ready to list or buy is an important assesment. We can help you get the most up to date data when sellling your home, and direct you to the best homes within your budget when looking to buy a home throughout San Francisco neighborhoods.

Businessweek reports San Francisco Area Home Prices Jump to a Four-Year High! The median home price in the San Francisco Bay area has climbed to the highest level in almost four years as more expensive properties make up a large portion of transactions, according to DataQuick.

Find out what your home is worth today, and get the data you need to make an informed decision about buying or selling real estate property in San Francisco California.

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Home real estate prices are evening out and many San Francisco home and property owners are beginning to witness home values return to signifigant size.

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San Francisco Real Estate is one of the most valuable investments in the country. Jobs are on the increase with Biotech and Technology positions growing in neighborhoods like South of Market, South Beach and Mission Bay.
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 San Francisco property values, as seen through formulation of annual tax assessments, show evidence of rebound via the SF tax assessor’s office. A recent report shows the number of underwater homes in the nine Bay Area counties slowly subsiding as values rise.


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The figures, released recently at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus, suggest the creation of high-wage jobs contributing to sizable increases in local real estate values throughout San Francisco..

Did you know :

Much of the area near The Embarcadero is built on top of a group of ships abandoned in Yerba Buena Cove during the Gold Rush. Passengers and crews both had gold fever and didn't care about the ships once they arrived. Back then, the SF city fathers sold water lots to developers who were required to fill in the lots. The easiest way to do that, given the dozens of abandoned ships, was to sink the ships and pour the fill in and around them.